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"The Universal Language of Beauty" by Undercover Beauty Agent

Makeup has its own language. It doesn’t matter if you speak Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, or English because the desire to look better is a universal phenomenon. It never really hit me until I was bombarded with city dwellers and foreigners everyday, and they all wanted the same thing: to feel beautiful.

It must be weird for Beauty Gurus to meet their viewers in person (after all, they spend hours just talking to their cameras when they film). The online community is immense, and beauty videos are watched all over the world.  The amount of people whose lives are influenced are on a daily basis has not been lost on me. People from Europe, Australia, South America, and even Canada ask us to re-create looks from their favorite beauty videos. It sounds unreal, but the online beauty community has brought people together from all over the world.  

A lady from Brazil came up to my counter with her phone in hand. She made me watch an entire JulieG713 video and pointed to every single product she wanted. She did not speak any English, but there didn’t seem to be a language barrier between us. There was a whole lot of hand gestures and pointing, but she left with a big smile and thanked me over and over in Portuguese.

This sort of thing happens daily. Products in videos and blog posts are highly desired. I remember it took me an hour to convince one woman that the Sigma Beauty brushes she saw in DulceCandy87’s videos were not sold in stores. She ranted to me in both Spanish and English, and would not leave until she talked to my manager.

It’s become routine for someone to come up to me with a video or picture of his or her favorite beauty vlogger. But I rarely have problem understanding exactly what my customers want because I’ve learned how global the language of makeup really is.

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